A mother decides to leave behind her past for the chance at discovering the world and finally breaking free of her ties. Before leaving, she is forced to go beyond pen and paper and confront her daughter in order to overcome their cultural and generational divide.

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About the Filmmaker

Becca Berry


Becca Berry was raised in Kenosha, WI. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Communications at Northern Illinois University and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a film editor. Since then, she’s worked in various post production positions and edited numerous TV and feature films. Her passion is storytelling and she is excited and honored to make her first mark as a writer/director in “The Letter.” When she’s not writing, directing, or editing, she loves to travel, experience different cultures, and read.

About the Filmmaker

Katie Chan


as Vatsana

Katie Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied theatre at the Silicon Valley, and she performed at the local theatre for four years before moving to Los Angeles. Katie distinguished herself in “Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven.” Her portrayal of a young Korean woman earned a SFBATCC award nomination for the Best Drama Female in 2012. A er coming to Los Angeles, Katie studied with acting coaches Anthony Gilardi and Doug Warhit. Since then, she has been cast in various roles in films. Her portrayal of Vatsana in “The Letter” earned her the Best Actor Award at the Different Faces and Different Voice Film Festival in 2016. In her free time, Katie enjoys cooking, painting, traveling, day-dreaming, and making dreams come true. She would like to thank her family for their love and support.

Sydney Viengluang


as Phon

Sydney Viengluang was born in Laos and raised in Wichita, KS. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has worked her way up from network TV co-stars, appearing on such shows as, ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,’ ‘Jane the Virgin,’ as well as various film roles. She is now recurring on the hit SyFy TV show ‘Z Nation.’ When she’s not on set, she loves exploring the great outdoors and traveling. She would like to thank her managers at Aspire Talent Management, her acting coach and mentor Anthony Gilardi, and her friends and family for their love and support.


Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival: Best Drama 2016

"A film that excels in drama is one where human emotion and conflict are at the forefront. The winner of this category explores an age-old story of inter-generational misunderstanding. When a mother finally decides to break free of her ties she discovers that it is not so easy. She must go beyond pen and paper to a face-to-face confrontation with her resentful daughter. This compelling drama and its powerful twist made this film unforgettable. We are pleased to present the winner of the Best Drama award to The Letter."

Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival: Best Actor 2016

"This award was one of the most difficult for the judges. So many of our actors gave 110% in roles that profoundly moved us and, most importantly, went beyond the one dimensional stereotypes women so often play in mainstream media. But this performance was perhaps best described by one of our judges as "profoundly powerful in its subtlety." We are honored to present the award for Best Actor to Katie Chan for The Letter."

Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival: Diversity Award 2016

"At the Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival, the mission is to encourage filmmakers to explore untold stories of the human experience. The winning film boldly explores the ideas of identity, and culture. At the film’s core it is a story of a mother and daughter overcoming a cultural and generational divide. Its compelling theme and performances gave voice to issues often ignored in our society - aging, xenophobia (and its terrible consequences) and the importance of emotional intimacy. Asian American stories make up only one percent of major Hollywood films, but the judges did not select this short to right an issue of discrimination. It is simply a wonderful tale of reconciliation. The Flicks4Chicks contest is proud to present the Different Faces Different Voices Diversity Award to The Letter."


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